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Escaped pet parrots threaten New Zealand’s vulnerable native birds – why a ban is the best solution

The pet trade has spurred a wave of bird imports, leading to escapes or even deliberate releases of exotic species into the wild. New research reveals the threat they now pose to native birds.
Beavers dramatically change a landscape by building dams that create ponds of still water. Jerzy Strzelecki/Wikimedia Commons
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Beavers and oysters are helping restore lost ecosystems with their engineering skills – podcast

Restoring entire ecosystems is a difficult and expensive process. Thankfully, certain species, called ecosystem engineers, can make restoration easier. Gaining social and political support is critical too.
Te mokomoko a Tohu – Aotearoa New Zealand’s newest species of gecko. Nick Harker/All rights reserved

Meet te mokomoko a Tohu: a new species of New Zealand gecko hidden in plain sight

A new gecko species in New Zealand was named te mokomoko a Tohu in consultation with a local Māori tribe. This could be a good example for how taxonomists might approach the naming of new species.

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